Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why fund KSEB ? Hidden agenda of CIDA/EDC

Here is what Canada has to say about their KSEB engagements.
An Energy Infrastructure Services Project, in which Montreal-based SNC Lavalin will assist in improving energy systems planning and environmental management at the Electricity Board in the Indian state of Kerala, and possibly neighbouring states, so as to prepare the utility for privatization. The privatization of power generation, transmission and distribution activities of state electricity boards is a vital part of India's economic liberalization program. CIDA will contribute $13.8 million to the project over five years.
By CIDA supported initiatives
"These agreements open the door to Canadian firms to assist the Indian government in carrying out its economic reform program," said Mr. Boudria. They reflect the important role of the private sector in India's long-term economic development."
Now we have seen how Canadian firms help us to help them.

CPI-M must apologize to people of India to have fallen into this trap. Show the courage to accept your mistake.

Remember 3 CPIM workers lost their lives in Andhra fighting against power sector reforms.

Now you can understand how **spelling mistake** appeared in the agreement, which made KSEB into a company.


  1. Dear Sir,

    This is really pathetic. You should have talked against the then Central Government who were moving ahead with LPG policies. Privatisation of public sector was/is the agenda of NDA and UPA governments. By pointing your finger against some one else you are letting them free. May be because you are part and parcel of them. It is interesting to note that the spelling mistake looks more 'dangerous' to you than the LPG policies.

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