Saturday, January 31, 2009

ProbeInternational Following SNC Lavalin

ProbeInternational a Canadian watchdog holds a lot of information on SNC Lavalin. They have demanded Canadian government to coorporate with Indian law enforcement agencies. Read this article : Indian scandal has Canadian roots

Canadian Crown agencies that help to fund Canadian business projects abroad – in particular the Canadian International Development Agency and Export Development Canada – should assist the Indian authorities with the case.

“These agencies may hold key information,” Patricia Adams of Probe International was quoted as saying. “And Canadian international affairs officials have long lectured Third World nations on the need to root out corruption.


“The last Canadian federal government, which was in power when this deal was struck, fell because of corruption. I hope the current government will take a different approach.” At least two former ministers in charge of Kerala’s power supply are being implicated in the affair which, which local political commentators and newspapers is calling a “clear case of political corruption”.
In 1998 SNC Lavalin was part of a Canadian-Pakistani consortium accused of bribing officials of Benazir Bhutto’s government so it could overcharge for electricity.

The consortium built a $160 million power plant in the Punjab and supplies electricity to the area. Pakistan is moving to cancel the contract with Southern Electric.

B.C. Hydro reportedly loaned $1 million to the chief executive officer of Southern Electric. Pakistani officials say that money has disappeared.

About Probe International

Probe International is an independent environmental advocacy group that fights to stop ill-conceived aid, trade projects and foreign investments. But more importantly, we work to give citizens the tools they need to stop these projects – the rule of law, democratic processes, and honest and transparent accounting.

For more informations on SNC Lavalin and its ways of operations


  1. hi i have read the article in probe inter national about indian scandal via canada
    but its not looks an international article its clearly a sauth indian language was used in that article. i might be wrong but good to read
    and might this article by an indian reporter is it.

  2. Fantastic work. Somebody should come with the truth before the pople since botj political alinses are corrupt in this caee. But Pinarayi pretents to be thhe obselte saint. whoever behind this blog deserves a big hand.